How to minify HTML in WordPress without a Plugin?

Last update: 21 January 2024
When you minify HTML, unnecessary characters and lines are removed from the source code.

How to remove empty paragraph tags in the_content()?

Last update: 21 January 2024
Empty tags in a WordPress post are removed with a simple function

Add rel=”nofollow noindex noopener” string to all HTML elements in content.

Last update: 17 January 2024
To improve the site’s position in search results, it is recommended to block all external links leading from your site from indexing (set a ban on indexing by the search robot).

Attachment page redirect ( 301 Moved Permanently )

Last update: 11 January 2024
The function will redirect (301 Moved Permanently) from the attachment page to the parent post or to the main page of the site.

Remove “Category: “, “Tag:”, “Author:” in the_archive_title()

Last update: 11 January 2024
Filter get_the_archive_title allows you to change the title of the archive page

Registering an Embed handler for posts from Telegram (

Last update: 10 January 2024
This is a handler that turns the link ( in the content into HTML code.

Create a Google News Sitemap for WordPress

Last update: 9 January 2024
If you have a news site, then to strengthen your position in the search engine results, use Sitemaps for news (Google News Sitemap) to inform Google about the appearance of new articles and provide additional information about them.